Exposição - Conventos de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios - Évora 2012-2013


Exhibition including (See pictures):
- Photographic display of the former Convent of Our Lady of Good Remedy in Évora (by: António Severo, 2nd prize in the digital photography contest "Água e Património" ("Water and Heritage"), held by Convento dos Remédios.
- Complementing this area, an exhibition of part of the magnificent and extensive, artistic estate of the former Convent of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios whose foundation dates back to the first decade of the seventeenth century.

Related events:
- "A Day at the
Convento dos Remédios" aiming a younger age group, having as reference the behavioural way of knowing how to be, according to the specificities of the places. The antiquity of the exhibits and its monetary and symbolic values, will contribute to such an approach, as well as awareness of the spaces. Likewise the discovery and identification of the various professions which were and are necessary for the establishment and maintenance of Convento dos Remédios, as well as the exhibited pieces aiming a respectful understanding of the different professions.
The visit is complemented by a musical moment (Eborae Musica / University of Évora).
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- "Public Essays". Piano:
Piano students will be provided with place and keyboard instruments for rehearsals that are open to the public present on the exhibits. Subscriptions, subject to availability of space and activities of the Convent, to

- Lecture Series at Convento dos Remédios on the subject. "Convent of Our Lady of Good Remedy and the Carmelite Order in Portugal and Brasil" .
Experts in various areas, with reference to the theme, will participate in lectures complemented by music moments and visits to specific sites in Évora.

Digital photography contest, designed to subscribers of the series of conferences on the theme "Saints and Sinners".
The diversity of viewpoints that the proposed topic can assume, will certainly be an encouragement to an active and imaginative participation of all.

- International Photography contest aimed at students, entitled "Saints and Sinners" (see pictures).
Students and teachers from diverse backgrounds will present differentiated cultures

- Guided visits to the former Convent of Our Lady of Good Remedy, including the exhibition.
Subject to prior reservation to fmonteiro@cm-evora.pt.

- Hotel managers, travel agents and touristic entertainment.
Objective: to publicize Convento dos Remedios, so that it can be integrated into the services provided in the area of tourism. Subject to prior reservation to fmonteiro@cm-evora.pt.

Music / songs: collaboration with institutions that will participate with pieces alluding to the themes.

Schedule / Free entrance

Church: Tuesday 9h30/11h15 and Thursday 9h30/10h45
Exibition: from Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 9:30 / 12:30 and 14:00 /18:00


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Premio APOM 2012: Honorable mention in the category of best job of museography. Convento dos Remédios, Câmara Municipal de Évora

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