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The Oralities Project have as a starting point also the cultural cities of the partnership project in their affinities and diversity and is based on strategies and actions to an effective interplay between the forms of thinking, feeling and acting of people in the areas concerned and Europe in general, always supported on basic principles such as identity, memory and sharing.

The Oralities Project develops a program of actions from Orality, understood as the various forms of communication from the verbal to the musical sounds, which were and are the most important components in the formation of structural components of communities, such as production / reproduction language, culture, behavior and attitudes. Also to merge them the foundations of social, economic and political forms of relationship between peoples and countries from across the globe.

The Resource Center of Oral Tradition want to give the possibility to the parteners of the project to work on the cultural, ie orality in Tradition and Modernity, from Life Stories, Folk Tales of, the Songbooks and romances, well as the music both in its traditional and folk and early music, Renaissance and Baroque. Its implementation requires the creation of an instrument intended to be solid, to design a coherent set of actions where networking and building a digital platform operative, post, values and fosters the dissemination of our joint history and culture.




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